Should people in NSW expect better services from Berejiklian?


The rare story behind a bipartisanship

During the opening night of The Bleeding Tree- Sydney’s Theatre Company, on Saturday 11th March, both Gladys Berejiklian and the leader of opposition, Luke Aquinas Foley “Friend of the Greyhounds” were in attendance. The three-hander performance is triggered into motion by domestic violence, revenge, and community acceptance. Businessman David Gonski who lobby’s for a reduction in company tax was purposely present together with Hugo Wallace Weaving, a loyal and reliable Small-scale Renewable Energy certificates (STC) stalwart who is looking forward to improving a billion dollars franchise trilogy. However, only Weaving and Foley were ready for the after party, Gladys Berejiklian seemed eager to get home and catch the Western Australia election results. After sitting through the thrilling, funny, and sobering 65-minute play, the premier and opposition leaders might come to an agreement on supporting domestic violence services through extra funding.