Sam Barnett served with a restraining order after alleged incident


Sam Barnett has promised that he will refrain from engaging in certain conduct towards his ex-girlfriend who requested for a temporary restraining order according to family lawyer Rishi Wijay from Klimek & Wijay.

The alleged incident that happened on 15th August 2016 says that Barnett was involved in an argument with his ex-girlfriend Ms Shvetsova in a taxi, while on a week-long business trip in Shanghai, China; an event that surprisingly ended their relationship.

Ms Shvetsova contacted her mother in Perth, who arranged a police welfare check on August 16 upon their arrival back home. Police met him (Sam Barnett) at Perth airport and served him a 3-days restraining order that restricted him from going within 20 metres near Ms Shvetsova. It also required that he should not approach or communicate with her within 50 metres of her address. Ms Samantha Shvetsova was escorted away by some close friends.

It was reported that on August 18, both parties appeared before a justice of the peace to discuss the restraining order. However, the matter was deferred. The restraining order has since expired, and the couple is listed to appear for a restraining order mention on Friday in the Perth Magistrate’s Court.

Richard Klimek, Ms Shvetsova’s lawyer, said that they submitted a written undertaking to the court, which settled the matter.

“He (Mr Barnett) gave a written promise to both Ms Shvetsova’s and the court stating he would not engage in certain conduct. This is similar to the Violence Restraining Order terms; which is a reasonable and fair resolution for both Mr Barnett and his ex-girlfriend Ms Shvetsova’s,” Mr Klimek said.

“It is not useful to go into details of the alleged incident- and as well, this neither indicates that the incident did not happen nor does it mean there was no evidence or merit to what happened. It’s just a fair resolution that allows both parties to move forward, with the issue not going to trial or wasting time and resources on it.”