Despite the Bible Society telling the ABC that Coopers Brewery is not involved in this, the controversial video continues to spark a significant backlash at the brewery.

The company directors, Tim and Melanie Cooper, said the company had supported several charities including The Bible Society. They also said the company had no and would never have intentions of treating the issue as unimportant.

Ms Cooper said that the company encourages individualism and remains supportive. She pointed out that during The Bible Society’s 200th birthday celebration, they had to cancel a special-edition packaging release. “Coopers Brewery supports marriage equality,” she added.

Mr Tim Wilson, who is gay, has always supported marriage equality.

The Bible Society CEO Greg Clarke said they wanted to encourage a conversation discussing this heavy issue, which is considered a difficult thing in this age. He also said that despite the amazing response, they acknowledge that the group might not have appreciated how the content series was received. “On our part, perhaps there was some naivety in the video production,” Mr Clarke said.

Since the content series was released, some Sydney’s inner west hotels and pubs including the Union Hotel, Newtown Hotel and Hollywood Hotel have stopped selling Coopers beers. They said they couldn’t continue supporting the brand after such as condescending video.

Probably, people are so upset with some basic discussions about human rights. The two Liberal MPs told people to ‘keep it light.’

Mr Hiscox said Coopers and company had underestimated the passion for same-sex marriage within the LGBTI community, and its impacts on real people’s lives. For some years, a significant number has been fighting for this right.

The decision not to serve Coopers, despite being the biggest seller, attracted massive support. Some Cooper’s drinkers were angry but agreed to take something else; they couldn’t get behind Coopers brand anymore after the message.

Mr Hiscox said he was organising a ‘Karma Keg’ event; people will be allowed to pay what they wish until all Cooper’s kegs run dry. He also said he does not expect an apology from Coopers Brewery, but want them to recognise their offence.

Boycotting Coopers, ‘a small step’

William Tucker, The Newtown Hotel Patron, said it is important and easy that they take Coopers off the tap. They have replaced it and are now promoting a Sydney-based ale, in pursuit of protecting same-sex marriage rights. He said that they would only promote local breweries that support their values, and those of the entire Australian Community.

The move by this hotel and others is considered good for the gay community. However, stopping Coopers Brewery sales in hotels is offensive and will not change the government’s decision, the damage to Coopers is just a small step in protecting our legal rights.